Our Strengths

Favourable Policies

In November 2013, the 3rd Plenary Session of 18th Communist Party of China issued the “Decision of the CCCPC on Some Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform”, which advocated the construction of “Belt and Road” and forming of a new all-round, open new order.

The construction of “Belt and Road” needs capital support and make full use of it. Through building a practical investment and financing mechanism, it can consolidate financial resources from countries along, and stimulate global capital to join the construction of the “Belt and Road” by leveraging forex reserve, industrial fund and external aid fund.

China SDHS Fin believes that the national-grade top-rank, long-term strategy of the “Belt and Road” will push ahead the infrastructure investment in countries along, thereby creating opportunities in infrastructure business and fostering financial and industrial development. Support from finance segment to the “Belt and Road” include financing service, financial cooperation, financial opening and convenience for financial and trade investment, the opening of system externally. China SDHS Fin is able to achieve, through its strong capital investment and management platform, the consolidation of industrial construction and financial support, to accommodate the huge needs of municipal development from countries along the “Belt and Road”

Advantages of Our Major Shareholder
Shandong Hi-Speed Group Corporation Limited (“SDHS”) is a state-owned conglomerate under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (“SASAC”). It is mainly engaged in investment, construction, operation and management of expressways. It also sets foot in finance and real estates. Its annual operating income is RMB56 billion. It has ranked among “China Top 500 Companies” for more than 10 consecutive years. It is the largest company in Shandong Province and in the industry in terms of assets scale. SDHS’s subsidiary, namely Shandong Hi-speed Company Ltd. (stock code: 600350.SH), is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since March 2002, with a market capitalisation of nearly RMB30 billion. Shandong Hi-speed Company Ltd.’s total assets, net assets and total mileage of operating roads rank first among listed peers in the PRC. SDHS will continue to reinforce its core businesses in the future; whilst creating more different and diverse financial business aspects. Leveraging the strengths of its controlling shareholder, China SDHS Fin will speed up its development in the future.

SDHS has a well-developed financial segment, which brings along talent network and industry experience to China SDHS Fin, and accelerates the latter’s development.

SDHS has strong capital strength and provides abundant financial support to China SDHS Fin.

China SDHS Fin will leverage the advantages of SDHS in terms of brand, channels and capital, keep abreast of the market changes and consolidate resources of the Group.