Asset Management

Industrial Investment and Investment Management
CSFG strives to connect companies with international capital and capital market, identify businesses with growth potential and will become the leading international M&A platform.

“Belt and Road” Fund
The “Belt and Road” strategy initiated by the PRC government emphasises the promotion of interconnection and international cooperation among Asian, European and African countries. The focus of the initiative’s cooperation is to strengthen policy coordination, infrastructural facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people connection among countries along the routes. Meanwhile, the strategy also promotes the integration of markets and connections between different economies, intending to drive deeper regional development by promoting cooperation in a variety of areas, expanding business opportunities and encouraging cultural exchanges among different regions.

To capture the development opportunities of “Belt and Road”, CSFG has established the “Belt and Road Fund” to explore and invest in large-scale projects in countries along the “Belt and Road”. As an international financial center, Hong Kong has a stable financial system and sound policies and is the perfect window for domestic funds to connect with the world.

Asset Management
The Group has obtained the HKSFC licence Type 9 (Asset Management), and its subsidiary, Shenzhen Honesta New Finance Holding Company Ltd.* (“Shenzhen Honesta”) has obtained a private equity fund management licence in the PRC.

With the opening of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, acceleration of development of Shenzhen Qianhai Financial Service Centre, and the promotion of financial services of the Greater Bay Area, the demands for fund asset management business in the region will usher in unprecedented benefits.

CSFG has a strong team with rich investment experience and professional knowledge, able to provide professional analysis and customised personal portfolio solutions in accordance with client preferences and risk preference to continuously optimise their risk and return status. CSFG is committed to rendering customized and high-quality investment service to a client, making a perfect balance for clients’ investment among risk control, asset preservation and capital appreciation.