Asset Trading Platform

Asset Trading Platform
“Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Leasing Assets Exchange Center. Co., Ltd.” (LAECAP), incorporated in April 2015, is located in Qianhai Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen.
Assets Trading Services includes:

  • Cross-border RMB business products
  • Internet finance services
  • Various capital operation services such as M&A projects
  • Other financial services such as investment, fundraising, etc.

LAECAP also offers a trading platform for various leasing assets, financial assets, financial products and financial instruments and provides services of financial instrument registration, trusteeship, transfer, settlement and clearing, etc.
In August 2015, LAECAP, Minsheng Bank and Trust Minmetals jointly offered a wealth management product, “Minsheng Smart Wealth C”, with a target to raise up to RMB50 million in the first tranche. It successfully filled up the order book by raising a total of RMB2 billion in 2015.

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