Financial Leasing

China SDHS Fin holds 40% interest in Shandong Hi-Speed Global Finance and Leasing Company Limited (“Global Finance and Leasing”), which is engaged in various leasing businesses, such as direct leasing, finance leasing and operating leasing in the PRC, purchasing assets subject to a lease within and out of the PRC, selling of leased products with residual value and operating business and main businesses related to its factoring business in the PRC. That helps to align with the national policy and find opportunities with growth potential in over 60 countries along the “Belt and Road”.

With the advantages of the access to market and capital support of Shandong Hi-Speed Group, the Group ceaselessly explores new markets, laying a good foundation with clear objectives and business direction.

China SDHS Fin has established its foothold of leasing and financial leasing business (subsidiaries include Hong Kong Leasing Corporation Limited, Shenzhen Hover Dragon Financial Leasing Company Limited, Shanghai Hover Dragon Financial Leasing Company Limited and Beijing Hover Dragon Financial Leasing Company Limited) in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other core cities, allowing it to swiftly respond to and benefit from favourable policies.

Financial leasing business brings steady and gradual income and enjoys the enormous opportunities brought by the policies, which provides strong support for the development blueprint of China SDHS Fin.